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At Cavendish Kitchens, we guide you in crafting timeless kitchen designs. Our expert advice covers everything from budget-setting to style choices.

At Cavendish Kitchens, we don’t think it’s smart to jump head first into a kitchen design. Instead, let an experienced kitchen planner guide you to plan carefully to make decisions you don’t come to regret later in life. Kitchen designs can become outdated, so to regularly update a kitchen, we’ve had customers come to us every 10-15 years for an uplift in their kitchen. But being pushed to change a design sooner rather than later because you dislike it, doesn’t sit right with us. We think there is nothing worse than disliking a design, or having qualms with something you’ve just had installed. It’s why we have created this guide to walk you through the steps and share considerations you may have overlooked to help you create a kitchen design that you will never tire of loving. 

The purchase of a home is one of the most exciting adult adventures you can embark on. Last year, 52% of people that bought a home were first time buyers. The heart of a home is the kitchen, the place for food, nurture family bond and socialise with friends. Kitchen planning includes the journey to align layout, surfaces, appliances and other final touches to form a space that makes cooking easy, fun and sociable.

Understanding your style is at the core of creative control over your kitchen’s design. Confidence in the fitting and installation comes from the company you have chosen. An experienced kitchen designer will be able to educate and inspire with the latest kitchen trends and timeless looks. As well as a range of project portfolios to show their ability to design a kitchen that meets the needs of a family, but that also matches the style of the wider home. 

According to Mordor Intelligence, the industry has seen a preference for speciality. Kitchen furniture shopping reflects homeowners’ are more interested in custom layouts and high-quality bespoke cabinetry paired with quality appliances and nifty features that simplify your routine. 


Set Your Budget


What is my budget for the new kitchen, including appliances and installation?

The first step to start the plan of a new kitchen or refurb design project is to establish a clear budget that includes all costs. This will remove any nasty surprises, as well as save your budget allocated for final touches from being eaten into by the non-negotiable base costs. It’s a good idea to over budget so that any last minute changes are not detrimental to your finances, that could leave you with an unfinished kitchen as you are unable to cover the cost.


How Big is Your Kitchen Design Project?


What is a Kitchen Refurbishment vs a Remodel?

A kitchen remodel, also called a kitchen refurbishment, involves making changes to your kitchen,  without changing the structure. It is the ideal choice for homeowners that are happy with their kitchen out but want to give it a facelift.  A refresh to your kitchen is the more economical and budget friendly option compared to a full-scale renovation and offers an option for those that are working to a budget. This option is the faster process of the two, it also has less disruption when you get in your kitchen as it is just changes to surfaces. It is a quicker process start to finish and there is Less disruption to daily routines. 


What is a Kitchen Renovation?

Renovation on the other hand is a more intensive transformation of your kitchen.  It includes structural changes to layout and electric system we start, this is a brilliant choice for those that want a new transformation to the kitchen space and have the time and money to invest into this project.  A full renovation is customised your kitchen layout fully, makes it align perfectly with any preferences or need that you have practically.  Features to improve the for people in your home with limited accessibility, the addition of new storage solutions or creating a layout that compliments your workflow in the kitchen.  A kitchen renovation that is executed to a high standard, like the kitchen projects by Cavendish Kitchens, will increase your home’s value, making it a smart investment in your future. 


Choose between a kitchen refurbishment or remodel

Start with measure your available space and assess the layout of your kitchen space. We think drawing a floor plan helps to visualise the space. Secondly, decide whether structural changes, such as shifting walls or plumbing, are necessary for your new design. Don’t forget to factor in the appliances you want to add to your kitchen.  We think the best kitchen appliances blend in to the kitchen style unless you want them to be a stand-out feature like AGA, or vintage SMEG fridge. 

Cavendish Kitchen Renovation's Demolition Phase Showing the Kitchen Removal Process


Choosing whether to update or completely renovate your kitchen leads to include the personal objectives, the budget that you have available and your long-term plans.  At Cavendish kitchens, we understand that kitchen design shouldn’t be one size fits all approach. Every homeowner has different requirements and lifestyle choices that can be complimented by a kitchen’s layout and design.


This is why it’s important to seek advice from a team of expert kitchen designers and planners. The experience that the Cavendish Kitchens team have, would allow us to easily understand your kitchen’s restraints and possibilities. Alongside any aspirations you have for it and be able to share ideas for preferences and most importantly your budget.

Once the budget and size for the project have been determined, the next focus is deciding on a kitchen style. This is when the design process starts.


What should I keep in mind when choosing a kitchen theme?

The best place to start hen thinking about different kitchen styles and theme options, whether you are leaning towards are traditional, modern or timeless. Think about your home and any architectural elements that reflect the period the property was built in. 

Regardless of if you live in the city and have limited space, or you have a large country house that has a wide, large kitchen space, you need to understand the charm that your home offers.  Find inspiration from the original period and style of your property and let that be your influence in kitchen features, finishing touches and accents like cabinet style or colour. For example, a Georgian or Victorian property looks brilliant with shaker style kitchens, as they reflect historical character and allow for modern integrations.  We believe the best designs are ones that accentuate the features and the individuality that your home already presents. 

Use Countertops and cabinets to include colours that you may not be able to incorporate into a kitchen design.  A brilliant way to harmonise your kitchen with an architectural viewer home is using colour on Islands or cabinets.  It will help to define the space and set an atmosphere in your kitchen.  It’s important to think about the overall aesthetic and look that you’re after.  We think a brilliant starting point is reviewing what architectural features and the materials are already present in your property, then Echo in those in your kitchen.  For example if you have a marble fireplace in your living room or dining room then you may want to echo this feature in the marble style worktop or splashback, A smaller kitchen one in the city for example that has limited space would benefit from painting the cabinet a bright colour. 

This is not to say matching period features with your home’s period style is the only way to successfully design a kitchen. If you are not keen on the period your house was built, ask yourself – What type of kitchen style or design do I prefer? (e.g., modern, traditional, minimalist, estate)?- Explore different kitchen design styles and hand pick some that resonate with your particular taste. Although we do suggest your chosen style complements the overall aesthetics of your home for a harmonious look. 

Do not overlook functionality when you are choosing the style for your kitchen. There is nothing worse than having a kitchen that looks brilliant but doesn’t serve any purpose.  Kitchen design shouldn’t just look good, it should streamline your kitchen routines and compliment your lifestyle. Reflect on your lifestyle for a second,  are you empty-nesters that no longer need to cook for a large family and rarely have people over anymore? Or do you regularly host gatherings from friends and family?  Choices like this should play a part in deciding your kitchen’s features and layout.


Kitchen Refurbishment vs Renovation

The choice between whether to refurbish or renovate a kitchen is a big one for homeowners. The renovate vs refurbish debate may sound like the same thing, but they carry differences that result in different transformations of the kitchen. The layout of your house and the layout of the kitchen will play a large part in the kitchen decision in choosing your kitchen’s look. 

We’ve been creating kitchens since 1998, we know how to work with a number of different spaces and design challenges. We being this expertise to every project. We know a small kitchen benefits from lighting that accentuates the space and reflective finishes, whereas a south facing kitchen that has a lot of space would benefit from matte worktops. The art of understanding the space that’s available in your kitchen is important so you don’t overcrowd it. If you have a smaller space then choose a frameless cabinet style with overlaying doors if you have a larger space than in frame cabinets after you as they tend to be less space efficient. 


The kitchen space in our homes where we gathered together with our family to prepare food shows celebrates special occasions and connect as a family with people that we love. When you want to get a new kitchen that fits perfectly in your home, make sure to go to the showroom and talk to experts who really care about helping you. Remember that you get what you pay for. Many big companies in the UK might show amazing prices on TV for their kitchens, but in reality they’re not good deals. Unless your kitchen is very small, and you can find your own installer, you’ll end up spending a fair bit more than you thought. Even so, the quality is often not very good.

Choosing a custom, independent kitchen provider is a better idea. At Cavendish Kitchens, we create a kitchen that fits your budget, needs, and style. No hidden costs, just a service that’s tailored to you. 

A Cavendish designed bespoke kitchen provides a space for a father and daughter to cook together

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