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What are the Fitted Furniture Trends of 2024?

You’ll discover the key to unlock a bedroom that not only pleasing to the eye but also solves the age-old struggles we face with clutter and chaos. If you need storage for blankets, bedsheets, clothes, or even a secret hideaway for valuables – custom-designed cupboards, furniture, and shelving is the answer. Say goodbye to the woes of ill-fitting pieces, and welcome a bespoke furniture design that perfectly moulds to your room.

In this article, we will explore our favourite fitted bedroom furniture options we’ve come across in 2023. As one of the leading kitchen and bedroom planners in the North West. We have witnessed the installation of a number of bedrooms in 2023, and we share our favourite ways to use fitted bedroom furniture that we expect to see in 2024. 

We explore the different tailor made bedroom furniture trends to help you to transform your bedroom. From modern fitted bedroom furniture to furniture options for smaller bedrooms, there is something for everyone. 


Built-In Desk Idea – Match With Your Wardrobe

Firstly, we start with this Select Tabac Ash Fitted Wardrobe. Taking centre stage in this article is the ‘Tabac Ash’ wood style, featured in both the fitted wardrobe and desk. The fitted wardrobe seamlessly occupies the space.

With more people working from home, a fitted desk in your bedroom creates a practical workspace. This fitted wardrobe includes a home office desk, drawers for storage, and overhead space to make the most of your room.

Fitted wardrobe with home office desk in 'Select Tabac Ash' wood style. Installed by Cavendish Kitchens, Newcastle


Sliding Door Wardrobe

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that it is fully customisable. These sliding doors come in a range of styles, colours, and materials. You get full control over your bedroom’s style.

Whether it’s wood-effect panels with brushed metal accents, head-height mirror panels, or personalised colour selections. A quality bedroom planner, like Cavendish Bedrooms, offer a wide range of choices through an in-house production facility. Mix different finishes and textures like glass, wood, matte, polished or metallic.

This wardrobe has been finished with wood paneling, it brings an element of nature to the room. Ideal for Scandinavian inspired modern homes, this floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is practical and stylish.

Sliding Panel Wardrobe with Wood and Glass Panelling installed by Cavendish Bedrooms, Newcastle


Match Bedroom Furniture with the Wardrobe

If you are hoping for a unified and polished look for your bedroom. Why not match your bedroom furniture with the wardrobe. This fusion creates an integrated and refined feel to your bedroom space. Not all homes are a perfect match for off-the-shelf furniture, which is why our bedroom furniture is tailored to suit you and your living space. Make the most of your bedroom space with our wall-to-wall fitted designs, crafted to make the most of every inch available. Our clever designs offer custom storage, for even the smallest of bedrooms or the most awkwardly shaped spaces. 

Handpick and design your perfect combination of bedside tables, chest of drawers, dressing tables, over bed storage, various worktop profiles, matching plinths, bridging pelmet, headboards, and mirrors. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your style – create a space that is distinctly and beautifully yours.


Fitted bedroom furniture is a great idea for small bedrooms. The custom bespoke nature of our furniture means that every space is made use of, so that nothing goes to waste. Our custom bedroom storage furniture becomes part of the room itself. Not only that, but you get total control over design, materials, colours, choose if you are after wall to wall or a corner of your bedroom.

Matching Wood grain Bedroom Furniture Set from Cavendish Bedrooms


Why Not Add a Walk in Dressing Room Area?

For those seeking an added touch of luxury in their bedroom space. Cavendish KBB have crafted walk-in dressing areas tailored to your dressing room routines. These spaces may include dressing tables, shoe racks, compartments for bags and belts, ample hanging space, shelves, or fitted drawer space for make up, skincare and other cosmetics. If you have any ideas that not listed, get in touch, we’d love to hear them! The beauty of fully custom bedroom furniture is that imagination is the only constraint. 

Built in dressing table with large mirrors and ball string lights designed by Cavendish Bedrooms


Curved Fitted Wardrobe

At the height of contemporary design, is the custom-made Cavendish KBB’s fully fitted curved wardrobe. This specific design is an eight-door marvel crafted with a primary focus on storage. This L shaped wardrobe follows the contour of a room, one side is straight edge and making for perfect fit into the room. Whereas the other side of the cabinet features curved end doors. The wardrobes design includes curved end sections with matching doors, double doors featuring double height hanging internally and a shelf above. Additional features include double doors with adjustable shelves internally, wood effect, mirror panels in two doors, and two drawers on each side of the L-shaped wardrobe. 

This curved wardrobe is equipped with high-quality, fully concealed, soft-close hinges, heavy-duty chrome hanging rails, and doors with curved ends, adding a touch of sophistication. This custom piece seamlessly blends form and function, combining both contemporary style and practical storage.


Modern contemporary curved wardrobe designed by Cavendish Bedrooms


Forget the wardrobe, choose under-bed storage instead

Smart bedroom storage can eliminate the need for a traditional fitted wardrobe altogether. This bedroom eliminates the need for a floor wardrobe as it integrates it into the space at the end of the bed. Under bed drawers offer storage. 2 floating shelves above the bedside table turn an empty wall into a nice place for displaying items like a globe, or a place for books. This custom wood bedroom furniture set wraps around the bed, offering a cabinet at the foot end of the bed. 

Cavendish designed bedroom with red neon lighting, under-bed storage, and built-in furniture

Whether you are interested in a wall fitted bedroom furniture, wall to wall, curved fitted wardrobes, incorporate a dressing table set, or custom fitted over bed. For inspiration and ideas on matching furniture items, feel free to explore our other bedroom projects, book a 1:1 showroom consultation, download a brochure, speak to one of the team via the phone or online.

A Cavendish designed bespoke kitchen provides a space for a father and daughter to cook together

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