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11 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles, Materials and Colour Ideas in 2024

Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Shaker Never Goes Out Of Style

Imagine a kitchen that blends classic with modern style. These shaker-style kitchen cabinets feature clean lines and a flat centre panel, creating a space that feels welcoming and refined. Ideal for those who desire a versatile style that stands the test of time.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Find a balance between vintage and modern


Enter the Cottage Kitchen Cabinet Door! Picture a cosy vintage kitchen adorned with these doors, bringing together the best of both worlds. Pair them with modern appliances and sleek stainless steel handles for a complete look. Perfect if you are wanting a barn or farmhouse inspired kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Flat Panels for a Modern Space that’s Clutter-Free

The Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Door, your ticket to a sleek and stylish interior. These contemporary flat-panel doors blend into modern kitchens, providing a clean backdrop without unnecessary details. Choose wood or decorative laminate finishes for a minimalist kitchen look that has style.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Handleless for Effortless Chic

Handless kitchen cabinets results in a kitchen with clean lines and uninterrupted surfaces. Kitchen cabinets without handles are a feature of a contemporary kitchen. We think they work best with minimal colour palettes, light shade handless cabinetry aligns with most interiors, whereas dark tones add a dramatic edge. Rails, finger pulls and J pulls cabinet doors Perfect for those who appreciate uncluttered kitchen surfaces, in a streamlined, and stylish space.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Slab Doors for a Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen


If a contemporary kitchen style is what you are after, sleek slab doors with a flat and unembellished surface are a great choice. This cabinet door design choice offers a minimalist simplicity. Free from unnecessary distractions. Perfect for those who crave simplicity without compromising on style.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: High Gloss For Modern Brilliance

A Cavendish designed kitchen with curved cabinets and a sleek white gloss finish

This white curved cabinet kitchen bathed in light, where high gloss surfaces create a dazzling effect. A Handleless High Gloss Kitchen looks sleek and stylish, especially in this kitchen with no handles sticking out. It can have a push-open design or a pull installed into the doors. If your kitchen has modern appliances built-in, a handleless design is a great choice. The best thing about these kitchens is they save space, which is handy in smaller kitchens. Perfect if you are after a modern, bright, and visually stunning kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Painted Doors for Character

For this kitchen cabinet door idea, picture a kitchen as a canvas where every stroke of colour is an expression of individuality, quite literally. Painted kitchen cabinet doors allow you to personalise your space with a range of hues, creating a bespoke and elegant kitchen. Perfect for those who desire a unique look.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Matt Lacquered to Match Any Style

If you love to run your fingers over smooth, silky surfaces – that’s the essence of a kitchen adorned with matt lacquered doors. One great thing about the matt finish is that it goes well with any kitchen style. It makes the kitchen look smooth, calm, and fancy, blending in nicely with its overall appearance. Durable, these doors offer a touch of luxury without sacrificing practicality. Ideal for those who desire a modern, sophisticated kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Beadboard for traditional charm that’s contemporary


For this style, you don’t need cabinets that shine. Beadboard cabinets with a bit of gloss and earthy colours feel cosy. They’re good for modern kitchens in lots of different colours. Smooth panels are usually used, but beadboard fits in easily because it’s flat. Behold the Tongue & Groove or Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Door! Evoking a cottage feel with wooden grooves, these doors can be paired with stone or solid surfaces for a touch of modernity. Picture warmth, charm, and a delightful mix of vintage and current styles.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas: Airy Display with Glass Fronts

Dealing with limited space and wanting to showcase your beautiful kitchenware? Glass-Fronted Kitchen Cabinet Doors to the rescue! These doors create a practical display area for your finest appliances and dishes, adding a reflective element to make your space feel larger and brighter. Keep it tidy for an eye-catching display.


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Open Shelving 

Open shelving can be incorporated with a small kitchen makeover or a full renovation. Think open shelves that match the colour, finish, or material of your cabinets or surfaces. Put everyday items like glasses, plates, and pots on these shelves, and store things you don’t use as much in cabinets or a pantry. Freshen up your kitchen’s open shelving with plants or pretty crockery, or glassware to them. Combine white walls and surfaces with dark open shelving frames and light ash wood backing to make a contrast. The touches of white create symmetry and bring the whole kitchen together.


A Cavendish designed bespoke kitchen provides a space for a father and daughter to cook together

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