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Different types of hobs

A little guide to help you decide what is best for you.

Induction Hob and Electric Hob Built into Worktop with Deep Drawers for Pots and Pans Below

Induction hob

Induction hobs combine the responsive heating of gas hobs with the easy cleaning of electric hobs. You will need induction compatible pans. When you power up an induction hob, metal coils under the hob’s glass surface create a magnetic field. This interacts with the iron in a pan’s base. An electric current is generated that transfers energy into the pan, creating heat. They heat up very quickly, and can even boil a pan of water in less time than a kettle! Induction hobs let you cook using larger pots or dishes, which would extend beyond a standard heating zone. These extended cooking areas are variously called flexi, link or bridge zones.

Ceramic hob

Ceramic hobs are electric with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. They’re easy to use and heat up quickly, but heat distribution around the bottom of pans isn’t as good as when cooking on gas. They can be virtually flush with the work surface so they can make your kitchen look really good and neat!

Traditional Kitchen Hob Ring on Fire in a Cavendish kitchen installed oven

Gas hob.

Gas hobs offer instant and easy-to-control heat that tends to spread evenly across the base of a pan, meaning less time stirring your dinner to get it properly cooked. Cooking on gas is less expensive than cooking on electric. But gas hobs tend to be trickier to clean than Ceramic or Induction hobs.

Venting hob.

Venting hobs take a ceramic or induction hob and place a downdraft extractor in the centre of the hob itself. This saves space as it means there is no need for a bulky extractor above the hob. The extractor in the hob sucks in any grease or steam created from cooking and pulls it down into the centre of the hob. There are metal grease filters that help catch grease from going through the ventilation system. Ventilation hobs give you the freedom to place them anywhere within the kitchen, and are very popular

A Cavendish designed bespoke kitchen provides a space for a father and daughter to cook together

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A huge thank you for our fabulous new kitchen. You have transformed an awkward narrow space into something useable and attractive!

The Parker Family

We are delighted with our new kitchen. Thank you all very much for your professional and excellent work. We were very impressed with the way Cavendish staff work together as a team ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We look forward to many happy hours of creating hopefully delicious meals!

Mr & Mrs Birch

Thank you Martin for managing our kitchen project with such care and attention to detail. Indeed all the workmen were admirable and hard working in every way, real credit to Cavendish. We are extremely grateful.

Mr & Mrs Bloomfield

Sliding Panel Wardrobe with Wood and Glass Panelling installed by Cavendish Bedrooms, Newcastle

I am absolutely delighted with the kitchen and wardrobes that have recently been installed by yourselves. The whole experience, from walking into the showroom through to the completion of the work was stress free for me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Your professionalism is a credit your company.

Mrs Ellis

Captivating white kitchen complemented by black worktop, cream cabinets, tiled splashback, extractor fan, and electric hob

A big thank you to everyone involved in the completion of wardrobes and kitchen at (customer address removed). We couldn't be more pleased with the finished results. And we can't thank you enough! Best wishes to you for the future

Mick & Hazel Todd

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