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Mastering the Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Thinking about a new kitchen? Do you want to know about the current kitchen trends? This blog provides all the information that you need, therefore allowing you to incorporate different elements and to know exactly what is on the market when it comes to emerging styles and trends.

1) Islands with multiple uses

For large kitchens, islands have become a popular way of incorporating extra storage and a dining area into the kitchen. This idea provides a room with a statement, allows extra storage and seating to be created in order to save space and bring the family together as a unit. An island also creates extra worktop space, resulting in many people being able to use the kitchen at the same time. Appliances such as an induction hob and sink can be installed to create a working area, ensuring that the extra workspace is optimised.

2) Exposed shelving

Exposed/open shelving has become extremely popular in creating a statement for your kitchen. It allows for accessories to be displayed, and the design flare of the customer to be expressed! Open shelving also increases the elegance and design flare of the room. It has become extremely popular over the last few years.

3) Shaker style is still popular

The shaker style kitchen was hugely popular in 2017 and is expected to become even more popular during 2018, as it is the go-to style of kitchen design. This style has a distinctive, elegant yet practical appearance that serves the everyday needs of the customers. Many customers still want the traditional style, whereby they incorporate hand-painted finishes, something which has also become increasingly popular. This means that the customer can have the door they love and also the exact colour they require to make their unique kitchen design a reality. At Cavendish this is a service that we provide. We are able to colour-match your choice of colour that you bring to us producing a door that is exactly what you envisage.

4) A liveable kitchen

2018 will see an increase in the ‘liveable kitchen’ trend, where the kitchen is a more social space. This allows you to socialise with your family and guests when cooking a meal, resulting in the host not being isolated from the guests. This style incorporates a living room aspect as well as a kitchen, where you might include a sofa or comfy chairs in order to make the area more appealing for your guest. It also creates a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

5) Blue-toned kitchen

The emergence of the dark blue kitchen will be the biggest trend in the industry during 2018. This kitchen design allows for the customers to make a bold statement in their home and is the focus for many customers at this current time. However, this kitchen style works best with a larger kitchen. In a smaller kitchen the dark cabinets make the room feel smaller than it actually is, as the opportunity for light to be reflect off the units is lower.

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