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Ask yourself these questions before you purchase a new kitchen

What do you dislike about your current kitchen? Why doesn’t it work for you?

There are many questions to ask yourself when buying a new kitchen. A good starting point is to write down the reasons why you dislike your current kitchen. It could be that the kitchen layout is wrong for your family’s needs; the cupboards are in the wrong place, there isn’t enough work-top space, there isn’t enough seating or space for seating, the colour is wrong and doesn’t complement the space that you have to work with…As you can see, there are many reasons why people’s current kitchens don’t provide the practicality that we require. Once you have decided what you don’t like about your current kitchen, the job of choosing your new design becomes a lot easier.

Do you like the layout of your current kitchen?

If you have come to the conclusion that you don’t like the layout of your current kitchen then change it! The key is to change the layout so that it makes your life easier and more functional. This might mean knocking down a wall or moving a door to create an open the space. I know you are probably thinking that this also means added mess, stress and cost, but if you know that you will not be satisfied with your new kitchen being put into the same space as your old one then redesign the space otherwise you will regret it later! We removed the dining room wall in our family home, creating an open and more functional space for all of the family members. As well as creating an open space which seemed bigger, it also allowed more light in to the room, therefore extending the feel of the room size even more. This has transformed the feel of the house!

Who does the functionality of the kitchen have to work for? Who will be the main users of the kitchen?

You then need to think hard about who are the main users of your kitchen in the house-hold. Deciding on this will help you incorporate everyones’ needs into your kitchen design, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the delights of the new kitchen.

What is your budget for your new kitchen design?

This is the main question you need to ask yourself when looking to buy a new kitchen. A realistic budget needs to be set in order for you to be able to judge and understand more about what you can have and can’t incorporate in your design. If you don’t set a realistic budget then, for example, units and work-tops that you like could to incorporate in your design could be out your reach and this could cause disappointment later in the process.

What kitchen style and colour do you like?

Firstly you need to ask yourself whether you think a traditional or contemporary kitchen would be best suited to your lifestyle and preferences. Once you have decided on the look of the kitchen, then you can think in more detail about the look you are seeking. For example, if you have chosen a contemporary kitchen, will you be looking at high-gloss finishes, hand-less units or ones with handles? There are so many options that can help you achieve your dream kitchen. Once you have picked your style then you can move on to the colour scheme of your kitchen. For example, this could be in a champagne colour with a high-gloss finish. We recommend that if your kitchen is small then choose a light coloured unit that will open up the room making it feel bigger than it actually is.

How much storage will you need?

This question is important! Storage defines a kitchen and is a key part of its functionality; you need enough of it in order to fit your lifestyle and this will differ depending on the type of household. If you have a large household with many people using the kitchen, I would recommend that you try to fit in as much storage as you can but in a clever way. For example, storage can be fitted around a kitchen island in order to add extra functionality to the room.

What appliances do you need to make your kitchen as personal but yet functional as possible?

Choosing your appliances is a necessity when planning the requirements of your kitchen. The appliances reflect your lifestyle. For example, are you a coffee lover and have always wanted your own coffee machine? Well why not incorporate a fitted coffee machine into your kitchen design? Do you need a double oven for your Sunday lunch needs?

Don’t be fooled by 50% off deals that are simply marketing techniques designed to mislead you.

It simply isn’t possible to take 50% off a kitchen, without compromising something. At Cavendish we don’t do promotions which confuse the customer. We have an open and transparent pricing strategy, always promoting first-time what we believe to be a fair, affordable price which represents excellent value for money, supported by amazing service. We believe in integrity and treating our customers with respect and fairness. We rely on our successful products to speak on our behalf. This is the hallmark of our business. Our firm belief is that we don’t need a deal to secure a deal!

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