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This was the back of a garage that was converted into a utility type area. Customers were very happy with the finished project! The end result had breathed life into what was an underutilised space.

Ceiling Height Cream Shaker Cabinet

The project incorporates Shaker-style cream cabinetry to create an elegant yet timeless aesthetic. The cabinets add a classic charm to the kitchen, provide ample storage as they are fitted to the ceiling.

An Elevated Washing Machine & Dryer

One of the standout features of this kitchen’s design is the clever integration of the washing machine and dryer at an accessible height. The smart design removed the need to bend over, improving the unloading and loading process immensely for anyone that suffers with strain on their joints. Not only this, but the integration of washing machine and dryer allows for extra storage space underneath the appliances.

A Cavendish designed bespoke kitchen provides a space for a father and daughter to cook together

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